4 Tips To Buy Perfect Custom Made Engagement Rings

Your engagement ring should not only shine bright but satisfy your preference. There is no better way to meet all your needs than participating in your ring's design process. A custom engagement ring comes in handy to integrate all your design needs. Use the below key tips whether you want customized engagement rings for design, sentimental, or other purposes.

1. Budget

Common misinformation is that a custom-made engagement ring breaks your bank. However, if you are upfront about your budget, a reliable jeweler guides you on the right decision to stay within your budget. Of course, you'll pay slightly more than a pre-set ring, but you decide and get every aspect of your design the way you want.

Also, with recent technological changes, custom-made engagement rings are no longer exclusive to the rich and famous. 3D prints, CAD/CAM, and online design services allow you to get an affordable custom ring.

2. Be Early

The process doesn't usually take long, but you are better off if you prepare for unseen hindrances. First, you set up a meeting with your jeweler to explain your design or create a sketch design. You will then approve wax designs and any improvements made to the design. Since the steps taken to create your dream ring are unique, set more time than you think you need.

If you change your design halfway, you will need more time to complete the ring. However, as the engagement date approaches, you wouldn't want an incomplete design or a last-minute rush. Take your time and enjoy it since you might go through the process only once in your life.

3. Put Your Creativity To Work

A custom-made engagement ring gives you the freedom to create a unique piece and integrate different designs. Research different styles and techniques to see which one looks extraordinary. Visual inspiration comes in handy to add to your ideas. A quick search online gives you a view of many designs from which you can borrow ideas.

Determine the number of stones, whether you want one central or many small stones. Then, if you want many stones, design suitable patterns from the stones. Also, if you inherited a gemstone, you can incorporate it into your customized engagement ring.

4. Match Your Ring With the Promise Band

Some customized rings don't allow a promise band to fit flush against them, so you must find a perfect match for the two. As a result, you spend less time and money ordering your customized engagement rings alongside your engagement promise band. Otherwise, you may not easily find a band that matches your ring.


Your big day is closer than it was yesterday or any other day. So, you wouldn't want to make any mistakes that might ruin your engagement. Let the tips above guide your choice of ideal custom-made engagement rings.

For more information on custom diamond engagement rings, contact a company near you.

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