5 Gemstones And What To Wear With Them

There are dozens of sparkling gemstones to accessorize any outfit, but sometimes it can be hard to choose exactly the right accent. Here are five of the most common gemstones used in jewelry and what to wear with each. 

1. Diamond

Diamonds are the king of all gems with their unbeatable dazzle that seems to hold a light all its own. Whether on a ring, bracelet, necklace, or earrings, diamond pieces bring a touch of noticeable luxury to any outfit. 

Because of their neutral white hue, most diamonds pair well with any color of clothing. To accentuate their unique sparkle, avoid flashy fabrics with sequins or embroidery and instead opt for flatter textures like satin, taffeta, or other solids. 

2. Sapphire

The deep blue hue of sapphires makes them one of the most popular gemstones in jewelry pieces. Of course, it pairs well with other blues ranging from a pale slate to dark navy, but this enticing gem is not limited to ocean colors. 

Sapphire makes a lovely complement to the other side of the color wheel — try pairing your sapphire pieces with clothing in the orange family, from russet to pumpkin. Not a big fan of orange? Browns are also in this range and especially with sapphires with gold settings pop with allure. 

3. Garnet

Speaking of browns, the deep red of garnet also livens up the versatile autumn color palette.

As January's birthstone, garnet is also associated with winter wear. Think of Snow White's garnet-red lips or holiday reds against sparkling white snow. Rubies also tend to fit this profile well. 

4. Emerald

While we know of the legendary city built entirely of this delightful green gemstone, it can be difficult to branch out of the verdant color family when accessorizing with it. Again, it can be helpful to look at the color wheel. 

Golds and yellows, as well as blues, can bring out the different tones of emerald available. Emeralds also pair well with springtime patterns of florals and pastels, as well as bright summer sundresses. 

5. Pearl 

A gift from the sea, pearls may not be sparkly but they do shimmer with their own smooth light, making them one of the most classic gemstones. Strands of pearls have been a jewelry favorite for generations, in part because they are so versatile. 

Satins and silks shine with the same opalescence as these beautiful white stones and create a stunning vintage look. Unlike the sparkle of diamonds though, pearls can also pair well with more eye-catching fabrics that incorporate dazzling details offset by the pearls' smooth finish. 

Talk to jewelers to get the right jewelry gemstones for you.

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