Celebrating An Anniversary? 3 Tips For Creating A Custom Ring

Marriage is a wonderful partnership that should be celebrated. Thankfully, anniversaries offer couples the time and reason to celebrate each year. Of course, finding the perfect gift to honor the occasion can be challenging, but help is available. If you will be celebrating an anniversary soon, here are a few tips to help design the perfect custom anniversary ring:

Plan Ahead

Creating a custom piece of jewelry is not a quick process. If you really want a beautiful ring that you help design, you will need to plan ahead.

Start early, looking at different designs and researching different jewelers. Make sure to work with a jeweler who has experience creating custom pieces.

Schedule a consultation well before your anniversary date. Bring some photos and even sketches of what you would want the ring to look like. It is also helpful to bring photos of your spouse's wedding and engagement rings if you want the anniversary ring to match or complement these pieces.

Start Somewhere

If you are completely lost and not sure where to start, consider picking out a diamond, another stone, or a setting and build the rest of the ring's design around it.

Many people will opt to start with a setting because they want to use more than one diamond in the ring's design. For example, if you want a band with diamonds inlaid into the metal, this is a good starting point.

On the other hand, if you are celebrating a specific anniversary, you can build your ring around the stones. Consider using the same number of diamonds for the band as the wedding anniversary you are celebrating.

Add Personality

All anniversary rings do not have to look the same. To truly customize a ring for your spouse, be sure to add their personality into the design.

If the majority of the ring will contain diamonds, consider adding some color by incorporating your spouse's birthstone. If you have children, you could incorporate your children's birthstones into the ring's design.

Another option for customizing your anniversary ring is to have the band engraved. You could add your wedding date to the band, a Bible verse, a quote from a book or poem, or even a song lyric.

If you and your spouse share an inside joke, consider engraving a reminder of this joke into the ring. This is a great way to honor your relationship at the specific time you are celebrating your anniversary.

You can contact custom jewelry design professionals in your area for more information.

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