Four Things You Should Know Before Cleaning Silver Jewelry

Silver is a beautiful metal for creating exquisite jewelry pieces. However, silver must be properly maintained to keep it looking great through the years. 

Silver is susceptible to tarnishing and becoming scratched as time goes on. However, regular cleanings will prevent premature aging.

You should be aware of the following four things to properly maintain your silver jewelry through regular polishing and cleaning:

It's not a good idea to use paper towels or even tissues to polish silver.

Silver is a fairly soft metal that is susceptible to developing scratches through normal wear or excessively vigorous cleanings. 

You'll need some type of cloth to gently wipe jewelry pieces while cleaning them. Using a special cloth that is specifically designed for cleaning silver jewelry is a good idea. Otherwise, you might consider a microfiber or lint-free flannel cloth. However, you should never use a paper towel or tissue. While paper towels and tissues may seem very soft, their fibers could cause tiny scratches in silver. 

You can make your own cleaning solution with substances that you have around your home.

The best cleaner out there for silver jewelry is a homemade cleaner. While commercial cleaning solutions are available, they often contain solvents that can only be disposed of through hazardous waste disposal practices that protect ground water from contamination.

Homemade silver cleaning solutions are natural, effective, and safe. Consider mixing warm water with dishwashing soap for a simple cleaning mixture. Another possible homemade cleaning solution is produced by mixing white vinegar and a small amount of baking soda. 

Professional cleaning may be necessary to properly maintain some silver jewelry pieces.

In some cases, it may be best to leave the job of cleaning delicate silver jewelry pieces to professionals. Jewelers typically offer jewelry cleaning services that are perfect for particularly delicate situations.

For example, professional care is best if you're thinking of cleaning antique jewelry pieces that are very fragile. Also, professional cleaning is best with severely tarnished jewelry so that you can have the original look of the tarnished pieces restored. 

After cleaning, you should store silver in airtight containers.

Silver jewelry becomes tarnished because of exposure to air. Therefore, you should keep it protected from air when it is not in use and it is being stored.

The best way to store silver jewelry is in sealable plastic bags. Buy anti-tarnish strips and put them inside these bags to minimize any tarnishing your jewelry will experience while in storage. 

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