Is That Family Heirloom Valuable?

Inheriting jewelry can be great for remembering relatives and can provide someone with a deep sense of family connection. Inherited jewelry can also provide a financial boon if it's a piece that was left to someone with the intention that it be sold at some point down the line. Either way, it's important to determine whether or not a piece is valuable. If the piece is going to stay in the family, then it needs to be properly insured. If it's going to be sold, then determining a fair price is also important. Here are three ways to determine whether or not that piece is valuable.


The first thing that anyone should do after inheriting a piece of jewelry is to determine when it was made and who made it. Often the jewelry comes with a box that can help with the maker's name and that can help narrow down when the jewelry was made. Some information on when the jewelry was made and where it came from can also be gained from family members. If there is a visible maker's mark on the jewelry, then a search through an online database can help find which jeweler created the piece. Once the provenance of the piece is determined, a search can be done for similar pieces in order to get an idea of how much the item is worth.

Online Jewelry Evaluations

For many people, doing the research themselves can be time consuming. It can also be difficult to find answers. This is where online jewelry evaluations come in! These jewelry appraisal services involve sending in pictures of the jewelry in order to determine when it was made and who made it. They can also give the owner an idea of how much the piece could sell for and how much it should be insured for as well. Online jewelry evaluations are also a great choice for anyone who does not live near a professional appraiser. 

Put It Up For Auction

Perhaps the best way to determine whether or not a piece is valuable is by putting it up for auction. If it's a rare or particularly beautiful piece of jewelry, there is the chance that it well sell for even more than expected. There are plenty of jewelry auctions online that can help find a buyer for the piece. Jewelry auctions are also great for research. Owners of the heirloom can look at similar listings in order to get an idea of how much their piece could sell for.

Inheriting a family heirloom is something that can be great financially. It can also be difficult to determine how valuable a piece is. Luckily the online world can help. Online maker's mark databases can help determine the provenance of the piece. Online jewelry evaluations and auctions can also help determine how much the piece would actually fetch on the open market.   

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