Loaning Jewelry: 3 Tips To Ensure You Get Top Dollar

If you are strapped for cash, you might be able to make ends meet by loaning your jewelry. While it is fairly easy to obtain these loans, you should take some extra time to prepare your jewelry so that you get the highest amount possible. If you aren't sure where to start, don't worry. With these three tips, you'll be well on your way to getting a good loan from your jewelry:

1. Clean The Jewelry

This might sound like a no-brainer, but many people simply forget to clean their jewelry before taking it in. Unfortunately, dirty or dingy jewelry won't yield as much as clean jewelry. This is because it doesn't look as appealing. Additionally, the person offering the loan will have to spend time cleaning it. So before you take in any jewelry, make sure you take some time to clean it.

Gently scrub the jewelry, but be careful around the stones, as you do not want those to fall out. You can use a cleaner designed for jewelry if you have it on hand. If you don't, you can use plain baking soda to rid your jewelry of any caked-on dirt or debris.

2. Bring Any Accessories For The Piece

Another way to ensure you get top dollar for your jewelry is to make sure you bring along any accessories for the piece. Some pieces, such as watches or bracelets, might have accessories to expand the size of the piece. They might also come with wraps, which is commonly seen in wedding rings. If you plan to loan anything with an accessory, take the time to look for it and bring it with you. This will ensure that the jewelry is complete and you will likely get more money for it.

3. Obtain An Appraisal

Another helpful way to ensure you get the most money for your jewelry is to have it appraised. This will tell the loan company exactly how much the piece is worth. This will not only ensure you get a good price for it, but it will also help the loan company decide how much they are willing to give you. Just make sure you get it appraised at a licensed jewelry store by a professional.

As you can see, it is fairly easy to prepare your jewelry for a loan. By following these three tips, you'll ensure you obtain the amount of cash you need to cover any unexpected bills or expenses. Contact a company like Sol's Jewelry & Loan for more information.

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