Good Goth! How Do You Find The Right Wedding Set For A Gothic Girl?

What's a goth girl gotta do to find an engagement ring and wedding band that suits her dark side but still gives a nod to traditional romance? If you're a unique woman with a darkly romantic side and a flair for drama, here are a few ideas.

Buy Black Diamonds

There are two kinds of black diamond: natural and those that are heat treated to deepen their color. Black diamonds are quite real and are growing in popularity. A heat-treated black diamond isn't as valuable as a natural black diamond and costs only about $300 per carat, but they're quite lovely to the naked eye. By comparison, a natural black diamond will cost around $3,000-$5,000 per carat.

Black diamonds look lovely in just about any metal, but gothic subculture tends to have a lot of silver jewelry, so you may want to stick with a sterling silver, white gold, or platinum setting that will blend in with your other pieces.

Choose A Black Gold Setting

If you'd prefer a clear diamond instead of a black one, consider having your wedding set made out of black gold for an ultra-dramatic and gothic look. Black gold is colored through a rhodium plating process similar to that of white gold. Just like white gold, the plating can wear off over time, although your jeweler should be able to replate it fairly easily. 

Consider pairing a diamond solitaire engagement ring with a wedding band custom-designed to interlock around it, both set in black gold. The stark beauty of a set like that should blend easily with any gothic wardrobe.

Use Symbolism In The Band

Another way to combine your culture with your wedding set is through the use of symbolism. For a bold gothic look, consider buying a wedding set that uses skulls in the setting. One or more delicate little skulls can be woven into the design of the engagement ring to hold up a diamond solitaire. The skull can be used to symbolize a love that transcends life and takes the vow "to death do you part" seriously.

Alternately, you can always opt for a more life-affirming note—the ankh is an ancient symbol that could easily be used to represent the undying love that you have for your partner or the start of your new life together.

A wedding set that's designed to look like two serpents twined together around a diamond solitaire would also make for a dramatic statement piece. Serpents can be used to represent the healing power of love, the wisdom or your choice, or the transformative power of your marriage.

It just takes a little ingenuity to come up with a wedding set that suits your gothic style. For more ideas, talk to a jeweler from a company like George Thompson Diamond Co.

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