Protecting Your Fine Estate Jewelry When On Vacation

If you are planning to go on vacation, you will naturally want to wear your finest pieces of estate jewelry. Despite even the best efforts, this may result in loss or damage to your precious estate pieces, which are irreplaceable. Instead of risking this heartbreak, try some simple and practical strategies to hang on to your fine jewelry while still looking glamorous during your vacation:

Take a photo before you go. Be sure to capture a picture of any jewelry that you opt to take on your vacation. Use your phone to take a quick shot in the event you need to file an insurance claim or police report later on.

Buy a discount double. Many individuals buy a replacement piece to wear on their trip. This might include buying a sterling silver and cubic zirconia ring instead of taking Grandmother's platinum diamond ring along on vacation. You still get to wear some bling, but you don't run the risk of taking along your estate pieces.

Keep silicone bands on hand. If you plan on doing activities such as swimming or boating during your trip, you will probably not wear your jewelry. If you are accustomed to having a ring on your finger, this might cause you some discomfort and anxiety as you try to get used to not wearing your regular pieces. Invest in a package of cheap silicone bands to wear; they will give you the comforting feeling of wearing a ring and will immediately remind you that your precious one is safely tucked away in your hotel room.

Ask for accommodations with a safe. When you book your hotel, lodging, or stateroom, be sure to request accommodations with a safe. If not, talk with lodging staff about placing pieces in their safe, which may also be an option that is offered. Never leave your jewelry unattended in a room when you are out; always keep it secure or keep it at home.

Invest in insurance coverage. Be sure that your jewelry is insured before you take it with you on vacation. If you do opt to leave it at home, the best place to put it is in your safety deposit box at a bank.

Don't risk losing your priceless pieces when you go on vacation. Try these tips to ensure that your fine jewelry stays safe and that you don't come home from your holiday sad and remorseful. Talk with jewelry professionals to have pieces appraised so that you may insure these belongings against potential loss or damage.


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